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Falling Moon the Saga of Moonbaby

In a day and age of little trust in average people and to much trust in government this is going to happen more then we would like.
It is a story about struggle. Average people going about their lives and finding themselves at odds with their Country.

Cast of Characters


She is a young woman spending her adult working life in the entertainment law division at a well established L.A. law firm.
She was raised by some new age parents that taught her independence and a need to give back.


Born as Mohammed this man grew up in Qutar as the first son of an oil sheik.
He was privileged and recieved the best money can give he was educated in the west by the best aeronautical universities money can buy.
He did come up through the ranks by spending time in the Qutar Air Force before landing and rooting in England.


Richard grew up middle class in a mostly black neighborhood. He inlisted in the Marines right out of High School.
He went to college and studied foreign language. He is fluent in Russian, Spanish, German and French.
Richard was recruited after graduation for work in the CIA. Very little is known about that career.
All we know is it was extensive and he landed in the Department of Homeland Security with little fanfare.
He is at the end of his career at this point for reasons personal to him.

Real Place of Interest

Moon finds much more than rest in this place. She finds herself. There is a peace here that she never expected with all the turmoil in her life.

Monk Circle
Monk Prayer Circle

Real Place of Interest

Moon grew up here, she had made a life, a good life. She was responisble and did the right things so why did this place turn against her?

Hollywood Sign
Where it all starts

Real Place of Interest

How did she end up this way? She was a good person, educated with a good job, money. Now she has none of that and soon she may give her life.

Crossing the border
The Canadian Border

You never know what you can do until survival becomes all you can do. Moonbaby is about to find out how far she can go.